I spent my career as a business analyst in the institutional investment industry helping build trading technology, I’m passionate about health, I read a lot of science books, and I trade biotech and pharma stocks. This blog is my way of using my areas of expertise (health, trading, analysis, and writing) to share what I know and what I learn.


How did I get here?


In 2018, I resigned from my corporate banking job in Boston, MA to focus on my lifelong dream of entrepreneurship. I didn’t really have a plan at the time, but I was passionate about health and finance and knew I wanted to work for myself badly enough to stay motivated and figure it out along the way.


It had always been a goal of mine to learn how to trade, as I’d been restricted from doing so freely while employed by investment institutions throughout my career. So when I finally found myself able to execute trades for the first time in over six years, learning the art inside and out obviously became one of my first orders of business.


I had, after all, spent the majority of my career trying to understand how institutional trader’s brains worked so I could replicate their strategies electronically. I figured that would at least give me some sort of advantage.


While continuing doing business analysis consulting during the day, I decided I would use everything I’d absorbed while working in the industry to moonlight as a trader, while writing about my research along the way.


I figured, “hey, if I’m going to have no life for the time being and sit in and read about these companies 24/7, might as well share what I learn with others!”

What started as a fun “bucket list” side project soon became a passion I found myself fully immersed in. I loved learning about what companies were developing, analyzing their financial results, tracking media coverage, scrutinizing charts, and deciding if I’d take positions in them. My analyst (stalking) skills were finally starting to pay off.

I also loved learning different strategies and perfecting my own.

Because I approached my trading as a learning experience, rather than something solely to make money from, I was able to successfully build out my strategy without blowing up my account.


I also felt a lot better about the investment diatribes I’d go on to friends and family (or anyone, really), since I knew I was truly practicing whatever I preached.


How I came to specialize in trading biotech and pharma stocks


As I continued building and improving my strategy, I noticed I was having the most success within the healthcare sector. I always gravitated towards biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as they were the ones I really understood and was most interested in.


I loved reading through clinical data, trial results, research, and books and journal publications by scientists. It was definitely the science behind the companies that was so fascinating to me.


Add to that my propensity for psychology, and I was finding it a lot easier to make a call on how the market would react to something in healthcare than in any other sector.


Tying it all together


As I thought back on the past decade of my life, my attraction to healthcare trading made perfect sense.


My interest in human health began in 2008 when I adopted a vegan diet. I was so intrigued by how good the change made me feel that I wanted to learn everything I possibly could about its impact on health.


I especially loved reading books by cardiac surgeons who, after witnessing first hand the detrimental impacts consumption of animal products had on the body, had given them up themselves.


Taking human nutrition and environmental courses in college helped me fully comprehend how profoundly various constituents and interventions impact the body on a molecular level.


I continue adhering to a 100% vegan diet today, even through my years working in the investment industry where being one of the few vegans always made for interesting conversation at client steakhouse dinners :)


What is the Lumayas blog about?


I created the Lumayas Blog to share all the information I’ve learned over the years, and continue to learn, as a result of my obsession with health and finance.


I write with an investment focus on topics I know most about, such as human health, nutrition, genetics, epigenetics, psychology, psychopharmacology, biotechnology, anti-aging research, and aesthetic medicine, among others.


Always keep an insatiable intellectual curiosity


One of my goals with this blog is to provide investment and financial information in such a way that readers find it interesting and thus, become more motivated to learn about, and participate in, the capital markets and personal wealth management.


Often times, when I ask the reasons someone doesn’t invest, the general consensus is usually along the lines of because it’s too complicated, boring, or they would have no idea where to begin as they don’t really understand it.


I also know that educating one’s self on finance and investing is hugely essential to holistic wellbeing, as personal finances are a major cause of stress and depression.


Finances are something that people don’t always feel comfortable talking about openly with others, something else that can lead to feelings of isolation on the topic. I believe that when investing is done within an area you’re truly passionate and curious about, it becomes a lot more interesting.


As a millennial, I feel my generation is incredibly lucky to have such an array of investment and financial technology available to us. However, I do wonder if our ready access to investment apps that “do it for us” is causing a disconnect between the user and what’s actually going on behind the scenes. I definitely want to help preserve the art of investing.



I hope I am able to provide investment inspiration and health knowledge


After trying for years to come up with a way to combine my passions for health and investing, I am so grateful and excited to be able to do that here.


As Warren Buffet says, “never invest in a business you cannot understand”. I understand biotechnology and health, so I invest in businesses within that space.


After all, health is the best investment you can make.


I hope this blog can contribute in some way to improving people’s quality of life by helping them learn about both biological and financial health.